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"Never ride faster than your Angel can fly"
Pround owner - Nudge from Emerald Victoria
Blue 2003 VT750DC2 
Port Albert Hotel Gippsland
right on the waterfrontSRA Founder and Webmaster Rusty obscuring his 2004 VT750Rusty's second love Rusty's first love. Lorraine "Loznja". Married for 32 years and childhood sweetheart. Loz pretending to look bored with photographs.Life's tough for Rusty's dog Apollo -  Staffy LabX and a great mate Steve Coe's VT 750Pam Coe's VT400Rommel's ride Pic 1Rommels ride Pic 2Peter Burgess's Bike. Pete lives in WABear at Sally Gap, Dublin MountainsRay Doel and his Grandson - 1 year old Daniel.SRA Founder Russ gets national approval for an amended dartboard for wheelchair players.Steve Coe on his newly whitewalled tyre during the Kingaroy ride
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Lunch at the Port Albert Pub.Deb and Rod Barr travelling through Victoria from our sister club HSOCUK. Matt and Tim wait for Deb and Rod in Korumburra for coffee.Time to get to know one another over a coffee.Lunch at the historic Port Albert Hotel.Deb and Rod rented a Marroon 750 Shadow for their trip.
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WA trio go for first SRA Ride
Angel's bike in front, Graham and Phil

HSOCUK  meet SRA members in Gippsland during their tour of the east coast.
A coffee, a ride, a feed and a laugh.

Queenslands Kingaroy Ride

Queenslands First Ride

Queenslands June Ride
Cobb & Co Route

Queenslands Haigeslea Ride (September 2010)
Photos courtesy of Ray Doel

Queenslands Texas Ride
Photos courtesy of Roger & Allison Theaker

Queenslands November Ride 2010
Photos courtesy of Ray Doel

Sent by Ray Doel May 2011

SRA Qld's Ride June 4th 2011

Sent by Ray Doel

SRA Victoria  Wonthaggi get together June 2011

SRA Qld's Ride August 2011

Sent by Ray Doel

SRA Qld's Ride Sept 2011

Sent by Ray Doel

SRA Qld's Ride Nov 2011

Sent by Ray Doel


SRA WA's Moora Ride - Nov 2011

Photos by Moe

WA Toy Run - Dec 2011
Pics by Angel & Moe

SRA Vic Ride Around the Bay Jan 2012
Pics by Zorb
SRA Qld's  January Ride
SRA Vic's  January Ride
SRA Qld's Feb Ride
Pics Ray Doel
SRA Qld's March 2012 Ride
Pics Ray Doel
SRA Qld's May 2012 Ride
Pics Ray Doel
SRA Qld's August  2012 Ride
Thanks Aldo, Mac and Matt Black for the pics
SRA Qld's July 2012 Ride
Thanks Ray pics
SRA Qld's Sept  2012 Ride
Pics by Ray Doel

SRA Qld's  Relay for Life Ride Oct 2012
Pics by Ray Doel

Shane Williams meets
SRA Qld Nov 2012
Pics by Ray Doel